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By on June 4, 2016

Blogger Webservice is an access point to more then 280 blog websites, with just 1 account you can access all your blogs spread over more then 280 blog websites. To access our Blogger Webservice you need to create an account first at this page: Packages

We just ask a little contribution for our services so we can take care the blogs (we hope you don’t mind).

After you ordered a package off your choice we will send you in a few minutes an email with your access information.

How to start Blogging ?

Remember that everything you publish on the internet that people will read it, so take care what you write and keep it nice. High quality content is very important, give your readers useful information and make your blog some extra attention by adding a picture and a video, your readers will appreciate your rich content and reward your blog by giving a like and sharing the blog with other readers. Always keep in mind that you write for people and not for search engines.

You received you login details and you are ready to start blogging, after signing in you can start blogging:

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